Our Victories – Winning Cases

Our Victories – Winning Cases

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The outcome of negotiations and litigation is subject to factors that cannot always be foreseen. Solomon Law cannot make any promises or guarantees concerning the outcome of representation, and this list of victories is not meant as a statement of what Solomon Law can do in any particular case.

5/1/17 DUI Restitution hearing with thousands less to re-pay than originally demanded
4/27/17 DUI Good disposition for undocumented non-citizen
4/20/17 Domestic Violence Case Dismissed morning of trial
4/18/17 Self-defense trial Case Dismissed morning of trial
3/13/17 Drug Case Misdemeanor probation on felony charges
3/2/17 Domestic Violence Sealing Successfully sealed
2/28/17 Domestic Violence Case dismissed morning of trial
2/16/17 Probation revocation Probation reinstated without harsh sanction
2/7/17 Domestic Violence Trial Case dismissed
2/3/17 Felony Possession of Weapon Previous Offender Misdemeanor resolution
2/1/17 Domestic Violence Trial Case dismissed
4/6/16 DUI Case dismissed
12/20/16 Domestic Violence Trial Case dismissed
12/16/16 Violation of Protection Order Case dismissed
12/9/16 Felony Criminal Negligence Probation, no prison, no jail
12/6/16 DUI Department of Revenue refusal hearing Case dismissed
11/16/16 Burglary Deferred judgment
11/2/16 DUI with Serious Bodily Injury Resolved as Underage Drunk Driving (No jail)
10/11/16 Felony Criminal Mischief Deferred judgment on misdemeanor
9/29/16 Record sealing Case successfully sealed
9/22/16 Domestic Violence Trial Case dimissed
8/29/16 Underage Marijuana Possession Deferred judgment
8/12/16 Drug Possession / Theft Deferred judgment
7/15/16 Domestic Violence Protection Order Violation Half jail sentence from offer after trial
7/28/16 Self-defense case Deferred judgment
5/23/16 Vehicular Assault / DUI Deferred judgment
5/17/16 Underage possession of marijuana Deferred judgment
4/6/16 DUI Deferred judgment
4/1/16 DUI Revocation hearing Dismissed!!! License reissued
3/24/16 Expunge juvenile felony Granted – gun rights restored!!!
3/15/16 DUI Domestic violence assault Offered six months jail – after jury trial: Probation (No jail)
3/14/16 Domestic violence assault Dismissed at trial!!!
3/10/16 Domestic violence probation Supervision terminated
2/23/16 DUI Dismissed!!!
2/18/16 Domestic violence harassment Dismissed at trial!!!
2/19/16 Domestic violence case: petition to seal Granted! Arrest record and case sealed from public view
1/20/16 Petition to seal Petition granted!
1/8/16 Traffic trial NOT GUILTY at trial
11/12/15 Felony theft Misdemeanor with fine
7/23/15 Violation of Protection Order (DV) NOT GUILTY verdict at trial
7/7/2015 DUI Refusal – DOR Revocation Hearing DISMISSED – Licensed reinstated/re-issued
7/7/2015 Carrying concealed weapon, display of deadly weapon, reckless endangerment NOT GUILTY!!! Acquitted on all counts
6/25/2015 Felony menacing (Domestic violence) FULLY DISMISSED three days before trial!
5/5/2015 Domestic Violence Misdemeanor: Assault and False Imprisonment NOT GUILTY verdict at trial
4/14/2015 DUI (Third Offense) Client was facing 60-365 days of jail. Jury trial
NOT GUILTY of DUI/DWAI at trial: no jail
3/30/2015 Warrant of Arrest for Theft charge Converted to personal recognizance bond
2/19/2015 Felony theft/computer fraud (F3) Deferred judgment
2/17/2015 Resisting arrest and obstruction Deferred judgment
2/12/2015 Record sealing Granted
2/11/2015 Panhandling Dismissed!!!
2/3/2015 Assault (domestic violence) Dismissed!!!
2/3/2015 Dept of Revenue DUI Revocation Hearing Dismissed!!!
2/2/2015 Felony probation revocation Dismissed!!!
1/15/2015 Assault (domestic violence) Dismissed!!!
1/11/2015 Assault (domestic violence) Dismissed!!!
12/8/2014 Misdemeanor weapon charge (road rage) Plea agreement for traffic charge
10/27/2014 Felony Fraud & Theft Misdemeanor probation
Oct 2014 Assault (Domestic violence) NOT GUILTY at trial!!
Sep 2014 Assault (Domestic violence) NOT GUILTY at trial!!
8/20/2014 Assault (Domestic violence) Dismissed!!!
8/4/2014 Child abuse Dismissed!!!
7/1/2014 Assault (domesic violence) Dismissed!!!
July 2014 Assault NOT GUILTY at trial!!
6/26/2015 Dept of Revenue DUI Revocation Hearing Dismissed!!!
6/16/2015 Dept of Revenue DUI Revocation Hearing Dismissed!!!
6/13/2014 Shoplifting Dismissed!!
6/30/2014 Felony menacing Plea to misdemeanor
6/2/2014 Assault Dismissed!!
May 2014 Child abuse NOT GUILTY at trial!!
May 2014 Petition to seal record Granted
5/6/2014 Assault (Domestic violence) Dismissed!!
5/1/2014 Assault (Domestic violence) Dismissed!!
4/24/2014 Expunged two juvenile felony convictions Petition to expunge granted – Gun rights restored!!
4/14/2014 DUI – Drugs Plea to careless driving
3/14/2014 Two juvenile felony convictions expunged Petition to expunge granted – Gun rights restored!!
March 2014 Two petitions to seal criminal records Granted
Oct 2013 Kidnapping/False imprisonment Trial – Guilty of threats (no jail)
Sep 2013 Harassment NOT GUILTY at trial!!
4/30/2013 Assault (Domestic violence) NOT GUILTY verdict at trial!!
4/24/2013 Petition to expunge juvenile felony Granted!!
3/14/2013 Assault NOT GUILTY verdict at trial!!

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