Self-defense Retainer

Self-defense Retainer

Solomon Law is offering a self-defense Retainer that acts like Shooting Insurance. For a small retainer, you secure the 24/7 availability of an attorney to come to your legal defense if you are involved in a self-defense situation.

On call lawyer

Your self-defense Retainer will pay for the availability of a lawyer when you need one the most. First, call the police to report the need for their presence. Second, call Solomon Law to join you at the scene of the incident.

Managing the police

You cannot be subjected to interrogation with your lawyer between you and the police.

Your memory of the stressful event of a self-defensive shooting will not be tainted by suggestive police questioning.

Your words to police will not be paraphrased hours later into a report to be used against you at trial.

Managing the prosecution

Let an experienced lawyer represent you to keep charges from being filed from the beginning, or to have them dismissed if already filed. An experienced lawyer will be able to explain your situation and unique position to a prosecutor without being used against you. Negotiating for yourself, as a defendant, is extremely risky, and no lawyer would ever recommend it.

Safeguarding evidence

If prudent, we will get an investigator to document the scene of the incident to ensure important facts are preserved.

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